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Spelling Made Easy: The Homonym Way to Better Spelling

Grammar Made Easy: Writing a Step Above by Connie Schenkelberg

- Excellence in Literature Gr 8-12

- Handbook for Writers

- The Elegant Essay

- 1857 McGuffey Readers

- Evaluate Writing the Easy Way
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- Get a Jump Start on College!
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Resources for Homeschooling Through High School ... and Beyond!

Download a copy of our convention handout (PDF).

The 1857 McGuffey's (Readers 1-5) are here! Readers #6 will arrive this summer.

The newest edition of Excellence in Literature is here (see covers above)!

NEW! Add the ebook to your purchase for only $10 more per level.

You and your student will have the print book for reference and evaluation, but the student will be able to view the modules online, and click links (on most computers) to the context resources, rather than typing out the URLs.

Hi! I'm Janice Campbell, and I'm glad you stopped by.

Homeschooling is such an adventure-- I'm glad you're thinking about it. My four boys have all graduated now, and I'm so thankful for the time we had together as we homeschooled from pre-school through high school, and even into college. We all learned a lot in the process, and I'm sure you will too.Janice Campbell, Writer, Speaker, Director at NAIWE.com

I've written many articles and a few books over the last couple of decades. You'll find those here, as well as resources for home- and family-centered living with a special emphasis on writing, high school literature, and homeschooling through high school and beyond, with topics including non-traditional college and home business.

My goal is to provide articles, links, and resources that will help you make time for things that matter to you. I want to help streamline life's necessities - like high school transcripts, records, and diplomas, and teaching classic literature and writing- so you'll have more time to spend on the important things-- things that last.

Browse through the articles, but first, be sure to sign up for the free newsletter in the box at left —I like to share new resources, articles, tips, and links that can help you grow. You'll also receive occasional sale notices or coupons (usually during convention season). Your contact information is safe with me-- I promise I will never, ever share your e-mail, so you'll receive only what you've requested.

After you sign up, please check your inbox for a confirmation e-mail. This will help you to make sure you actually receive the e-zine and bonus article! If you don't see it in your inbox, check your 'junk' folder, as it may have mistakenly been routed there. If you add my e-mail to your address book, you won't have any difficulty with that.

I hope you enjoy browsing the website. You may also enjoy my blog at www.Janice-Campbell.com. It's where I post new articles, reviews, classic poetry, news, and inspiration. You may also enjoy the Excellence in Literature site where we've posted many of the context resources for the curriculum. Thank you for visiting!


McGuffey's Third Eclectic Reader, 1857 edition with instructions for use with Charlotte Mason methodsP.S. Have you seen our newly released 1857 McGuffey Readers? They're beautiful!

Best of all, I've added a new introduction that explains how to use them with Charlotte Mason teaching methods. Be sure to check them out at 1857McGuffey.com.

You Can Create Your Homeschool High School Transcript, Diploma, and Records!

Transcripts Made Easy: The Homeschooler's Guide to High School PaparworkDo you want to homeschool through high school? The new third edition of my book, Transcripts Made Easy, will help you streamline high school paperwork and make it easy to create great-looking, effective home school transcripts and diplomas using simple software you already own or can download absolutely free.

It offers easy-to-follow instructions and free e-mail support, so that you will have more time to spend enjoying life and building relationships with your family as you home school through high school. It also contains a thoughtful answer to the frequently-asked question: Does my student need an accredited diploma? If paperwork is not your favorite hobby, you need this book. Learn more about Transcripts Made Easy here!.

Early College for Home-Schooled Teens

Get A Jump Start on College! A Practical Guide for Teens by Janice CampbellWant to help your teen get a jump start on life? You can!

If you are thinking about doing college non-traditionally (early college, accelerated college, distance learning, or late college), the Doing College Your Way page offers information on on distance learning and college-level exams to get you started.

And now, Get a Jump Start on College! A Practical Guide for Teens is a do-it-yourself guide for teens who want to earn college credit in high school. It's available as an instantly downloadable e-book. It is also available as a print book if you prefer. If you'd like to help your teen get a jump start on life, this is a book you need. You can Get a Jump Start on College now.

College-Prep High School Literature

The new second edition of Excellence in Literature are now available!

Excellence in Literature- The Complete Curriculum: Literature and Writing for Grades 8-12Teaching high school literature can be a joy! Excellence in Literature is a classics-focused high school English curriculum that is designed in easy-to-study modules. Each four-week module presents a full-length classic novel, poem, or play, and leads the student into a research path that includes the art, music, literary, and historical context of the work being studied.

There is a week-by-week assignment schedule for each module, and most context resources are available at your local library or online. This high school English curriculum is designed to be completed in grades 8-12, with one guide per year, but it's very flexible so you can jump in at any level.

The curriculum is available as individual print books, e-books, or as a complete curriculum with all five levels in a big binder so that you can customize your high school English class.  The five levels are Introduction to Literature, Literature and Composition, American Literature, British Literatureand World Literature.


Read more about Excellence in Literature: Reading and Writing Through the Classics, and let your students start reading and learning from the greatest literature of Western Civilization.

Excellence in Literature Handbook for Writers

P.S. Our newest book is the Excellence in Literature Handbook for Writers. Enjoy!

Spelling Made Easy: The Homonym Way to Better Spelling

Spelling Made Easy: The Homonym Way to Better Spelling by Connie Schenkelberg• Do you have a student who struggles with spelling? 

• Have you wondered how to teach your student the difference between similar words?

• Would you like a spelling program students enjoy using?

Connie Schenkelberg's new Spelling Made Easy program uses an innovative, tried and proven method that focuses on homonyms and puzzles to make spelling practice easy and painless for middle-grade students. As a bonus, students build vocabulary as they are studying each homonym group! This 1-2 year curriculum includes lesson plans and an answer key, and is available as a print book or an e-book.

Grammar for Homeschoolers

Grammar Made Easy: Writing a Step Above by Connie SchenkelbergGrammar Made Easy: Writing a Step Above is a "once through and done" grammar program by teacher Connie Schenkelberg. It's designed for use in the middle grades (I used it when my boys were in 4th-9th grades, but you can use it earlier or later if you prefer).

If you believe as I do that formal grammar should be studied once, then practiced through usage in real writing assignments, Grammar Made Easy will provide the foundational study you need to make it possible. If you want to cycle endlessly through years of repetitive grammar workbooks, please look elsewhere;-).

It's available as a print book, as well as an e-book. I think you'll love it. Read more about Grammar Made Easy.

Micro Business for Teens

Microbusiness Books by Carol Topp, CPACPA Carol Topp has written a clear and concise set of four books that will help your teen (or perhaps even you) create a successful micro-business. Each book builds upon the previous one, developing the business skills necessary for success. The four books include:

  • Starting a Microbusiness
  • Running a Microbusiness
  • Money and Taxes in a Microbusiness
  • Microbusiness for Teens Workbook

Conquer the Test: Tips, Techniqes and Strategies for Getting the Score You Need

Are you ready for your high school exams?

Are your test-taking skills ready for the demands of the timed essay?

If you're planning to take a standardized test such as the SAT, you may want to listen to Conquer the Test!, a three-hour audio workshop with worktext to prepare. If you live in the mid-Atlantic area, you may want to attend a Beat-the-Clock Essay Workshop™ which will help you prepare for timed essays such as those on the SAT, the ACT, and CLEP* exams.

I offer SAT/ACT essay tips, as well as links to related articles, on the Beat-the-Clock pages and in the e-zine, so be sure to sign up for the e-zine and visit often.

Evaluate Writing the Easy Way!

Evaluate Writing the Easy Way!Do you worry about evaluating your student’s writing?
Do you sometimes feel as if you’re missing something in the evaluation process?

Evaluating writing is so much more than just “correcting papers.” It can affect your student’s feelings about writing, his or her chance of academic success, and even the relationship you share.

In this simple, approachable little book, you’ll learn the things you need to know in order to become the writing teacher and evaluator you want to be.

I hope you enjoy browsing the website. You may also enjoy Taking Time for Things that Matter, my blog at www.Janice-Campbell.com. It's where I post new articles, reviews, classic poetry, news, and inspiration. Thank you for visiting.


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